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Principles For Spiritual Health in Everyday Life. 

With energy cards.
By Carolin and Alexander Toskar

3-Healing® provides a path towards spiritual health and towards a holistically orientated humanity. These mediated principles are directed to all people of all cultures, religions and beliefs. The goal is to receive these universal forces with increased consciousness, in order to foster transparency towards a deeper understanding of our sense of existence and its realisation.

This book presents an art form on spiritual healing, expressed through a new form of energy work, by which to progressively enhance the state of interconnectedness, balance and harmony. Each one of the practical applications in the book support the process that gradually manifests itself in the cells and organs of the physical body, as well as in thoughts, emotions, and in improved living conditions.

3-Healing Methods, 3-Healing with Sound and Mantras, Self-Treatment, Partner Treatment.