Divine Straightening. DVD

Divine Straightening. DVD

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Divine Straightening. Documentary

The story of Carolin and Alexander Toskar’s success with ‘Divine Straightening’ has been a phenomenal one for many years now, unfolding across Europe, the United States and Thailand. In order to introduce Divine Straightening to a broader audience, this DVD is now available for the first time. This documentary shows details of the healing work being carried out. It also tells the story behind the work and explains the operation of spiritual laws.

The DVD features a fascinating conversation between Alexander Toskar and his father, Pjotr Elkunoviz, uncovering previously unknown facts about the origins of ‘Divine Straightening’. There are also astonishing testimonials from Dr. Michael Beckwith, Rick Allen and others, following the Toskars’ work in Los Angeles.

This riveting documentary demonstrates the impressive effects of spirit on matter! With spiritual exercises for daily practice. order

- Exciting, touching, healthful! - Reiki Magazine -